Author: Duncan McGregor

Showcase: Gunnar IronJaw & Retinue

Showcase: Gunnar IronJaw & Retinue Iron Wolf Lord conversion Finally finished is my quick tabletop conversion and paint job of an Iron Wold Lord called Gunnar IronJaw.  I really liked Games Workshops conversion but felt I wanted something more wolfy, with a hammer or axe. I got the Forgeworld Techmarine in MK III armour for Christmas and thought he would be an ideal conversion subject.  So I cut off the axe head and replaced it with a space wolves thunder hammer.  I had to green stuff the cables a little to fix them back into his arm. Next I...

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Space Wolves Curse of the Wulfen

Space Wolves: The Wulfen return When the wulfen appeared a number of years ago I had dropped out of the hobby to concentrate on work and I completely missed the small boxed set of 5 metal miniatures. However when I returned I found them straight away on eBay and fell in love with them.  The character of these 13th company wulfen was spot on and they looked amazing, and ragged like they had just come out of the eye of terror. I managed to buy a set of 5 quite recently but never got round to painting them for...

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WIP: Gunnar IronJaw – Iron Wolf Lord

WIP: Gunnar IronJaw – Iron Wolf Lord Here is a quick project I decided on before knowing of the plastic iron priest kit.  But fancied using the Forgeworld techpriest miniature to build up a unique wolf lord.  To be fair with all the new Wulfen releases I doubt I will build any army around this guy but just fancied making a different take on an Iron Wold Lord. I got the bolter on his arm from the grey knights plastic sprue, at with a bit of work managed to make it fit. I sculpted the cloak myself (not my best...

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Rumours: New Bloodbowl

Rumours: New Blood Bowl Its the 2016 birthday Games Workshop open day today and there are pictures surfacing of the new range of Specialist games and it looks like Blood Bowl will be first on the scene for 2016 and it looks amazing!  The inital sculpts look bang up to date and they seem to be planning Humans, orcs, dwarves and chaos at least.  It is going to be amazing.   Here are some of the...

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WIP: Space Wolf Whirlwind & Drop pod

WIP: Space Wolf Whirlwind & Drop pod For my first project for 2016 I’m painting up 2 Christmas presents int he form of another drop pod (with the hope of playing an army one day) and a whirlwind tank. I have added a few wolf details in the form of the Stormfang bits and some pelts but haven’t gone too mad.  I will make the whirlwind top removable so I can also use it as a rhino tank. I will try and do a tutorial on painting the basic space wolf armour as well, and how I do some...

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