Author: Duncan McGregor

New Space Marine Trailer

They have just released a new space marine trailer and its looking brilliant.  They have quite a few weapon shots and seem to cover all the heavy weapons and gave me some ideas for painting melta guns as didn’t realise they glowed.  Here is the...

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Njal Stormcaller WidgetsHere is my latest finished work Njal Stormcaller for my Space Wolves army.  He was painted in standard Space Wolves colours from the Eavy’ Metal Masterclass book and based on a Secret Weapon base from their Runic Mountain...

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Nazgob Orc Shaman

Nazgob Orc Shaman Widgets Here is a recent entry for an online competition that’s still ongoing.  My pictures aren’t the best but I’m working on it and with a little help I should have some better images. An update on the competition is that I wont first prize on Secret Weapon Miniatures for my Orc and the use of their skulls on the base.  Well chuffed and spent my $50 prize very wisely on some more bases and...

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Welcome to Tartan Paint Studios

I have decided to open up myself a painting blog come painting studio with a view to showcase my work and “maybe” do one or two commision works if I ever get the time. I have a lot of work to actually photograph and get up so progress at the start will be quite slow. I have also opened up a Flickr stream with a username of TartanPaint and already had some of my work featured on Games Worshop facebook page. I hope to place a few tutorials up here with my finished work so keep your eyes peeled...

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