Author: Duncan McGregor

Showcase: Lamenters Army

Showcase: Lamenters Army Here is a showcase of my Lamenters force that is going on eBay today.  The army has been painted to various standards with particular attention made to the vehicles.  The captain won a finalist pin at the last Golden Demon and is rated 8.7 out of 10 on CMON. There is more to the force which I haven’t taken photos of yet but will get these up as and when I sell them as well....

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Showcase: Space Wolves Rune Priest Biker

Showcase: Space Wolves Rune Priest Biker Here is my latest piece of work  – a Space Wolves Rune priest biker based on the White Scars biker from the Overkill boxed set.  As soon as I saw that miniature I knew I had to make a conversion of some kind and realised I only had one rune priest in my space wolves army. The majority of the base model is the white scars captain but I replaced the torso with a Thunderwolves chest plate and a grey knights back plate.  The head is a converted space wolf head.  The white...

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Showcase: 3D Painted Dungeons & Dragons Barbarian

Showcase: 3D Painted Dungeons & Dragons Barbarian I had an offer to paint a custom made 3D printed model for a dungeons and dragons player, and when I looked at the model I jumped at the chance as it was great to get back to painting the basics like skin and leather. The model itself had plenty of detail and was to be painted int he style of the old he-man cartoon of the 80s.  With a two tone sword, clear skin and some flowing blonde hair.  All in all he took around 1 week to complete and was...

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Showcase: Heroquest

Showcase: Heroquest 2016 Original box set revamp I’m finally able to realise one of my childhood ambitions and have a fully tabletop standard boxed set of Heroquest.  Back in 1990 an old primary school teacher of mine called Mr Brewerton introduced me to the world of Tunnels & Trolls, Heroquest and Space Crusade through his passion for teaching and role playing. As soon as I saw this game I was instantly hooked and saved up my money I got from helping out at the local golf club and promptly ordered a copy along with 5 or 6 tins of Humbrol...

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Rumours: GW Deathwatch Overkill

Rumours: GW Deathwatch Overkill Genestealer Hybrids return This has to be the game of the year and its only February.  I think Games Workshop are really listening to their customers as people have been desperate to get Genestealer hybrids back for years.  The game sets to pitch the legendary deathwatch marines from all the chapters against a Genestealer magos, primarch and plenty of hybrids. The space marine miniatures look sweet, with a white scar on bike, mental looking chaplain, hard as nails iron hand and some other great miniatures.  It’s set for release around the 27th of February just...

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