Author: Duncan McGregor

Showcase: Blood Bowl Ogre

Showcase: Blood Bowl Ogre Well its been a while since I posted anything but I haven’t forgotten the tartan paint blog.  In the past 9 months I have moved house, completely redecorated that new house (all bar one spare room), my wife has given birth to our son Kai Harrison John McGregor and for the past 4 weeks we have been struggling to understand if he wants to eat, poo, wee, sleep or cry. So hobby time has been pretty limited.  I have however been able to complete a couple of miniatures when I have had a little downtime...

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Showcase: Tabletop Standard Grey Knights & Custom Space Marine Chapter

Showcase: Tabletop Standard Grey Knights & Custom Space Marine Chapter I have just finished a nice little commission to do some tabletop standard grey knight dreadknights, including the build along with some pre-built grey knight paladin squads, Draigo and a custom space marine chapter. The grey knights were painted in the standard silver colour schemes, with washes of dark blue and glazes of GW Gulliman Blue.  The power swords were really straightforward and they were a base of GW Temple Guard Blue, washed with GW Asurmen Blue, then I highlighted with a mix of the base colour and Vallejo  GC...

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Showcase: Howl of the Wolves

Showcase: Howl of the Wolves I have been frantically clearing through my backlog of wolves, and have painted most of my boxed sets now to a medium tabletop standard, most units were painted within 24 hours from start to finish using the standard Games Workshop paints.  If I’m doing quick paint jobs its easier to spray paint a base of The Fang, followed by Russ Grey and then highlighted with Fenresian Grey using zenithal highlighting. Shading wise I normally just mixed the fang with rhinox hide and water it down so its falls into the crevices or use Agrax Earthshade wash. My favourite...

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Showcase: Secret Weapon Urban Damaged Streets

Showcase: Secret Weapon Urban Damaged Streets I pledged to the Tablescapes Kickstarter what seems like years ago now, and the amazing tiles have just sat in my loft gathering dust.  I decided if I ever want to start playing Warhammer 40k games i needed to have some painted scenery. So after buying up bargains from eBay and Element games I now have a decent set of terrain items, but my urban streets tiles were still in the box.  So with the weather nice and hot this week I took to the garden spray cans and airbrush in hand and got...

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Showcase: Space Wolves Army

Showcase: Space Wolves Army I have been painting Space Wolves on and off since I started this hobby back in 1993.  Unfortunately I sold my set of Space Wolves around 20 years ago, and didn’t start painting them again until 10 years ago.  You will see there are some old metal 90’s models in there that really need an updated paint job but I have put them here for posterity. There are quite a few new ones, and conversions in here including the previously featured Ragnar conversion, Murderfang, Stormfang and the Rune Priest biker.  I have got even more...

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