dunc and samMy name is Duncan McGregor (Yes I’m Scottish) and I’ve been painting Games Workshop miniatures on and off since 1991.  You can follow me on , Twitter and Facebook.

So a little about me….. When I’m not playing Knight Online, fishing, working and spending time with my gorgeous wife I’m busy converting or painting new miniatures for my Space Wolves or Lamenters army.  I have painted a few other armies but ended up selling most of them..  Currently I’m working on some 13th company Space Wolves and Arena Rex Miniatures.

This blog is to showcase my work with a view to offering commissions and a few character miniatures for sale every so often on eBay and the likes.

In the near future I am to offer some more tutorials on painting and basing with photographic step by step guides.

I am currently all tied up with my own work and long standing commissions, but please feel free to drop me a line,  If I have space I might be able to fit you in to my busy schedule in the new few months.

You can contact me using the form below.

You can always find my latest finished work I have for sale here on eBay