Showcase: Blood Bowl Ogre

Well its been a while since I posted anything but I haven’t forgotten the tartan paint blog.  In the past 9 months I have moved house, completely redecorated that new house (all bar one spare room), my wife has given birth to our son Kai Harrison John McGregor and for the past 4 weeks we have been struggling to understand if he wants to eat, poo, wee, sleep or cry.

So hobby time has been pretty limited.  I have however been able to complete a couple of miniatures when I have had a little downtime and one such miniature was the new plastic Ogre by Games Workshop.  I went for a scheme that was look both striking on the tabletop (if he ever gets there) and one that would test me a bit.  Yellow and black where my choices and the team name is the Averland Diamondbacks.

I have also completed the team around him which I will post soon, but my camera setup as always is a bit duff.