Showcase: Tabletop Standard Grey Knights & Custom Space Marine Chapter

I have just finished a nice little commission to do some tabletop standard grey knight dreadknights, including the build along with some pre-built grey knight paladin squads, Draigo and a custom space marine chapter.

The grey knights were painted in the standard silver colour schemes, with washes of dark blue and glazes of GW Gulliman Blue.  The power swords were really straightforward and they were a base of GW Temple Guard Blue, washed with GW Asurmen Blue, then I highlighted with a mix of the base colour and Vallejo  GC Dead White and flecked on with a wet drybrush and applied a thin glaze of GW Gulliman Blue.

For the custom space marine chapter I used a base of GW Troll Slayer Orange as instructed, and washed with GW Agrax Earthshade a couple of times, a think coat of GW Nuln Oil then re-highlighted with a mix of the base colour and GW Fire Dragon Bright.

I then edge highlighted using the GW Fire Dragon Bright.

The greens was basically GW Warboss Green with a wash of GW Coelia Greenshade and highlighted with the base and Vallejo  GC Dead White.

The bases were made with sand, painted black then a grey highlight for a simple futuristic base,