Showcase: Howl of the Wolves

I have been frantically clearing through my backlog of wolves, and have painted most of my boxed sets now to a medium tabletop standard, most units were painted within 24 hours from start to finish using the standard Games Workshop paints.  If I’m doing quick paint jobs its easier to spray paint a base of The Fang, followed by Russ Grey and then highlighted with Fenresian Grey using zenithal highlighting.

Shading wise I normally just mixed the fang with rhinox hide and water it down so its falls into the crevices or use Agrax Earthshade wash.

My favourite ones would have to be the Space Wolves bikers, the Space Wolf Scouts and their sniper buddies.  The wulfen were a nightmare to paint quickly but happy with their overall look.  I still have a spare boxed set that I will take more time.  With the wulfen I may use all the spare parts to pimp out some terminators, along with some more classic wulfen with chaos armour parts scavenged from dead warriors.

The fenerisian wolves were by far the easiest and took hardly any time to paint.  I just followed the guide in the GW painting guide and varied the washes a little.  The snow on all the bases is from Secret Weapon.  You can of course by all the boxed sets and the Secret Weapon crushed glass from the online shop at Element Games