Showcase: Secret Weapon Urban Damaged Streets

I pledged to the Tablescapes Kickstarter what seems like years ago now, and the amazing tiles have just sat in my loft gathering dust.  I decided if I ever want to start playing Warhammer 40k games i needed to have some painted scenery.

So after buying up bargains from eBay and Element games I now have a decent set of terrain items, but my urban streets tiles were still in the box.  So with the weather nice and hot this week I took to the garden spray cans and airbrush in hand and got them done.

I used a combination of spray cans from army painter and games workshop to colour the tiles in dark grey, light grey, blacks and browns.  I airbrushed with miniature badger airbrush paints following the useful Secret Weapon tutorial to make the craters seem more realistic.

I then added some pigments, painted up the grates and manhole covers and rusted them as appropriate.  With grass tufts and moss added along with water effects added to the craters I was happy with how they turned out.

Now I just need to paint all the scenery and pluck up the courage to paint up the rolling fields tiles.  If you want to buy the tablescapes and based in the UK then check out Element Games