Showcase: Space Wolves Rune Priest Biker

Here is my latest piece of work  – a Space Wolves Rune priest biker based on the White Scars biker from the Overkill boxed set.  As soon as I saw that miniature I knew I had to make a conversion of some kind and realised I only had one rune priest in my space wolves army.

The majority of the base model is the white scars captain but I replaced the torso with a Thunderwolves chest plate and a grey knights back plate.  The head is a converted space wolf head.  The white scars tails were replaced with space wolves ones either by a cut and paste job or green stuff sculpting.

The kill team markings were either filled in with green stuff or scraped off in places.  The additional wolf icons were pulled form my bits box with a couple of wulfen icons fresh from the sprue to go on the bike.  The raven I kept the same and the majority of the back of the bike was the same bar adding the book and a bolter, and changing the sword to a dagger.

I hope you like him anyway, took a fair while to paint, the base is just a piece of old bark I found on the way to the shops as it always makes the best granite style bases.  The crushed glass is from Secret Weapon miniatures and you can buy it from Element Games if you are in the UK.