Showcase: 3D Painted Dungeons & Dragons Barbarian

I had an offer to paint a custom made 3D printed model for a dungeons and dragons player, and when I looked at the model I jumped at the chance as it was great to get back to painting the basics like skin and leather.

The model itself had plenty of detail and was to be painted int he style of the old he-man cartoon of the 80s.  With a two tone sword, clear skin and some flowing blonde hair.  All in all he took around 1 week to complete and was painted to a tabeltop standard.

Word of caution if you do paint 3D printed models is make sure that they have a deep clean and aim to use only black spray undercoat.  I tried white but I think this is the reason it “grained up up” on me when I put the first layer of skin tones down and it then took forever to scrape off the sand like particles.

Anyway here he is:

D&D warrior