Showcase: Heroquest 2016

Original box set revamp

I’m finally able to realise one of my childhood ambitions and have a fully tabletop standard boxed set of Heroquest.  Back in 1990 an old primary school teacher of mine called Mr Brewerton introduced me to the world of Tunnels & Trolls, Heroquest and Space Crusade through his passion for teaching and role playing.

As soon as I saw this game I was instantly hooked and saved up my money I got from helping out at the local golf club and promptly ordered a copy along with 5 or 6 tins of Humbrol paint.  I tried to copy the box art at the time but not knowing it then the matt and gloss Humbrol paints were never going to cut it.  But I didn’t care – I had a painted set and spent most of my spare time delving through dungeons with my friends and levelling up my barbarian and dwarf.

Since then I have moved house countless times and eventually the old boxed set was lost in a fire along with most of my other games from that time and those little Humbrol splashed miniatures were no more.

Luckily for me I found this boxed set on eBay which had been used but all the pieces were there.  I quickly painted up the mummies and the heroes and was going to set to work on the rest of the boxed set.  But work, social life and other hobbies got in the way and they remained on a shelf with the mummies staring back at them for 3 or 4 years.

But I recently saw Reny Tremblay had completed the set and it got me inspired to get them out and get them finished.  I used his inspirational and the boxed art to complete the whole boxed set and even painted the furniture up to complete the overall look and feel.

I kept them in the traditional old skool colours and have posted a few on Twitter and the oldhammer Facebook groups as I have went on and now I’m finally pleased to showcase my entire Heroquest collection.

I hope you like them anyway and please leave a comment if you do.