Showcase: Gunnar IronJaw & Retinue

Iron Wolf Lord conversion


Finally finished is my quick tabletop conversion and paint job of an Iron Wold Lord called Gunnar IronJaw.  I really liked Games Workshops conversion but felt I wanted something more wolfy, with a hammer or axe.

I got the Forgeworld Techmarine in MK III armour for Christmas and thought he would be an ideal conversion subject.  So I cut off the axe head and replaced it with a space wolves thunder hammer.  I had to green stuff the cables a little to fix them back into his arm.

Next I wanted him to have an arm mounted storm bolter and power fist so managed to find a storm bolter on an old grey knight sprue and melded this together with an old power fist.

The cloak I made using brown stuff, and then green stuffed the fur all the way down.  I added a few pelts and skulls from my space wolf sprues to make sure he fitted in with my army.  His face was from a standard Space Wolf head, but I scraped one half away to make it look metallic

I decided as well he needed a few servitors, so used the chaos cultists and extra bits to create some nice wolfy servitors.  The bits were just pulled form my bitz box to be fair.

the paint job was just a quick tabletop one, I’m trying to clear backlogs of miniatures from my list to bump up my existent army.  I may use him as just a normal Iron Priest but of course GW went and released a brand new one so may pick that up anyway..  Although I may mount him on a Thunderwolf.

The pictures below are in white, black against various backgrounds to see what works better.  Thanks to Garfy from Tale of Painters for some top tips on better photos.

I hope you like Gunnar IronJaw – he was named that as he lost half his face against to an unknown acid from whilst he battled a Tyranid invasion with his Iron Wolf Guard on Evartis system.