Space Wolves: The Wulfen return


When the wulfen appeared a number of years ago I had dropped out of the hobby to concentrate on work and I completely missed the small boxed set of 5 metal miniatures.

However when I returned I found them straight away on eBay and fell in love with them.  The character of these 13th company wulfen was spot on and they looked amazing, and ragged like they had just come out of the eye of terror.

I managed to buy a set of 5 quite recently but never got round to painting them for one reason or another.  And then it happened, the wulfen rumours started to appear and I got really excited. Would they re-release the old set or would they design an even better kit?

Well we all saw what happened, they released a kit which has already gained a bit of live hate divide on social media with some very OTT poses and strange weapons.  But by all accounts the rules for them are top notch (I’m not a gamer so couldn’t care less about the rules)

What I do care about is creating a small force of wulfen miniatures and using some of their bits to add to some new skyclaws I was going to build.  I bought 2 assault marines packs when they got a release so this will go perfectly.

I’m not sure of the colour schemes yet, but might am for a darker grey and keep the colours simple with flashes of red and cream only.

So before I start a new project I thought I would compile some of the old skool inspiration and artwork on the web and see what it can conjure up.

So what next?  Well the work will begin as soon as the boxed sets arrive on my door step and this time there will be some guides and tips of painting and converting the wulfen.  So make sure you subscribe to our Facebook page and I will keep you all updated