WIP: Gunnar IronJaw – Iron Wolf Lord

Here is a quick project I decided on before knowing of the plastic iron priest kit.  But fancied using the Forgeworld techpriest miniature to build up a unique wolf lord.  To be fair with all the new Wulfen releases I doubt I will build any army around this guy but just fancied making a different take on an Iron Wold Lord.

I got the bolter on his arm from the grey knights plastic sprue, at with a bit of work managed to make it fit. I sculpted the cloak myself (not my best work) and used an old wolf coat/head to form the basis of that draped over his arm.

He will be holding a converted thunder hammer, using the miniatures original base weapon but with the axe head removed and replaced with a more wolfy hammer.

Just the base armour done and highlighted so far along with the cloak.  Just starting on his weapons now.  Anyway I hope you like my Iron Wolf lord and stay tuned for some more progress updates.

Gunnar IronJaw - Iron Wolf Lord