Showcase: Space Wolves Void Claws & Rhino

I’m proud to showcase some more reinforcements for my Space Wolves army.  These void claws fill a gap in my army for more close combat wolves.  I realised i needed these after getting the Space Wolves players handbook and to be fair I have a tonne of unpainted plastic Terminators so this is only the beginning.

I painted these really quickly in around a day, spray painted the base, layers and highlights and then speed painting the rest of the details.  I did a bit of warpaint on the Sgt to make him stand out a bit more.  I read about the warpaint/tattoos from the latest Ragnar Blackmane book I think.

The Rhino got bought again by my amazing wife for my birthday and needed painting quickly as she has brought me even more for Christmas.  I painted this as my 2nd Rhino for my grey hunters to get into battle quickly and was finished in 1 day.

I’m happy to answer any questions or comments about these so please let me know by commenting below.

Whats next on the list?  I have a Space Wolves Whirlwind, another drop pod to do and I’m going to pull 5 brand new space marine bikes from the loft and really go to town “wolfing” them up for my army.

After that I have an Iron Priest I’m going to make into a wolf lord for another Space Wolves company.