Showcase: Space Wolves Stormfang

I haven’t posted in a  while and was going to make the Stormfang my first of 2016 but couldn’t wait.  I have been busy bulking up my Space Wolves tabletop gaming army after being inspired by White Dwarf Visions issue 23 and Tommie Soules amazing army.  His army is so well done and has plenty of character and I wanted to bring that back into my slow growing army.

My wife bought me this for my birthday and I really enjoyed adding this to me force.  It my first flyer for my army.  I spray painted the base colours, 1st layer and initial highlight.  I shaded with a mix of scorched brown and the fang.  I highlighted the edges with white and fenresian grey.

I made the mistake of spraying the whole thing with an old can of varnish which turned the whole thing an off white and I lost most of the space wolves grey.  I managed to bring some back with an oil/turps mix and a few filter washes.

The shield was taken from the new dreadnought kit released last year or late 2014 as felt the size of it was more fitting for the stormfang, it was more of an after thought so didn’t go wacky on the detailing.
I went with the multi melta and lascannon setup for the Stormfang after reviewing loads of army lists, reviewing bolter and chainsword and getting advice from regular Space Wolf players.  I’m no gamer so need all the help I can get 🙂
The base was simply cork and sand, sprayed black and highlighted ina variety of greys with red/purple/green washes.  The to cover the basic base I used a tonne of GW water effects and snow flock.


Stormfang Gunship

Any comments or questions as usual please just ask below.