Showcase: Westfalia Fantasy Halflings

Well I have finally got the small halfling command squad finished that were kindly supplied by Westfalia Fantasy Battles.  They are preparing the Kickstarter right now and I will definitely be investing a few quid in these.  Easy to paint being mainly armoured and these little minis have so much character.

The armour was chainmail, washed with Nuln Oil, followed by highlight back up to chain mail, then mix in some mithril silver and highlight all the way up to pure Mithril Silver.

I then glazed a few greens and purples into the armour and darkened it where I thought it was needed.

The cloth was Catchatan green with desert yellow mixed in for highlights and the white was bleached bone, washed with Agrax Earthshade and then highlighted all the way up to almost pure white.

Hope you like them and follow Westfalia Fantasy Battles facebook for more news on their Kickstarter.