Showcase: Space Wolf Long Fangs

I’m proud to present one of my latest Golden Demon entries for their Space Marine competition which won my a 2015 finalist pin.  I thought I would try something different this year and have worked hard on this squad for around 2 months.

I have basically done a mixture of the new SM Devastator boxed set and my existing space wolves bits.  I have used the new devastator weapons and legs and tried to add space wolf parts where possible.

I have went with a traditional paint scheme featured in many of the Eavy Metal Masterclass books and using the old GW paints like Shadow Grey, Space Wolves Grey and Kommando Khaki.

The faces I have followed Darren Latham’s excellent tutorial on painting the FW Dwarf skin, I found this really useful and it has produced some pleasing results which fit it well with the weathered faces of Space Wolves.  For the Sgt I tried to add more grey highlights and a scar.  I  also added some nordic/viking tattoos to the sides and backs of their heads.  In the future I might try and paint a large batch of heads so I can try my hand at some really over the top tattoo designs.

Anyway here are some pictures of the squad, comments are always welcome and if you want me to do a guide on anything then please just give me a shout


Space Wolves Long Fangs - Group - medium
Comments always welcome