Golden Demon: Space Marines 2015

Just back from the Sunday Warhammer World open event which hosted the Golden Demon 2015 Space Marine contest.

I’m pleased to announces that Gareth Nicholas (glazed over) took home the Slayer Sword 2015 with an impressive display of blood angels as pictured below in the unbound section as well as bronze for the single section.


There were some fantastic miniatures on display this year even though the turnout was not as big as people were expecting.

I managed to take home 3 finalist pins this year for squad, single and vehicle and I know from looking at the winning entries that I really need to up my game 🙂

The day itself was good, I managed to pick up a limited edition framed “Wolf King” Print 26/100 which I’m well pleased with.  I got round Warhammer World for the first time and they had some amazing new displays.  Photos to follow.  I saw the new dreadnoughts that the internet has been raving about and to be fair they do look pretty awesome.

Here are the winners of the 2015 Golden Demon

Single miniature 
1st – Adrian Bay – Blood Angels Captain with the Wolf lord by Adrian Walters 2nd and the Preator 3rd.

Space Marine Squad
1st go to the Imperial Fists, 2nd was the Black Templar’s and 3rd was the Ultramarines (Sorry forgot all the names)

Space Marine Vehicle

The contemptor came 1st by Richard Grey, not sure about 2nd or 3rd though (doh)

Adrian Bay won this one as well with the Raven Guard attacking the nid. Think this one was 2nd and cant remember the 3rd – some reporter I am! 🙂

The blood angels won this painted by Gareth Nicholas and I cant remember which came 2nd and 3rd after.


Sorry the pictures didn’t turn out but well done to the lads that won! 🙂

Some other entries and close-ups for GD Space Marine 2015

You can link to these pictures but please credit my Tartan Paint Studios with a link.