Rise of the Halflings!

What is this I hear you say? Halflings?

Yes you heard right  – Halflings!  Probably one of my most favourite fantasy races ever, I played them in Tunnels and Trolls, I commanded a small force in my first ever game of Warhammer Fantasy back in 1992 (They got quickly eaten by a Giant) and have loved them ever since.

Games Workshop never really did much with halflings, bar a few crock pots, a bloodbowl team and a small number of metal blister packs and I always wanted to create my own halfling army.

Now it looks like that dream might become a reality, a few months ago I was trawling facebook and spotted this intriguing WIP below and was quickly hooked by their likeness to the original halflings I remember from GW.


These wonderful little halflings are from Westfalia Fantasy Battles, a company that already has a large range of Napoleonic miniatures and has started to branch into fantasy creations.

These halflings were sculpted by the very talented Michael Anderson and already they have quite a few variations in the pipeline.  I was lucky enough to procure some samples of these in resin and I have to say the quality is absolutely amazing, hardly any mould lines or flash and the detail is perfect.

I have 7 different halfling miniatures and will be contributing to the crowd  funding as soon as its announced, where ever they decide to host it.  I would certainly get liking their Facebook page if you want to see how this project progresses.  There you will find some painted examples of these halflings, and as soon as I finish mine I will make sure they are posted there.

Heres a picture of the samples, from afar and closeup – as you will see they are perfect resin casts.

And here is some of the painted ones by Westfalia FantasyBattles:







I’m surprised the page only has 294 likes so far, so if your interested in this project, love Oldhammer or just halflings get liking their page and keep an eye on their Kickstarter crowdfunding…