Showcase: 13th Company Wolf Lord

Here is one of my latest 13th company space wolves.  He is supposed to be a 13th company wolf lord in Terminator armour.  I tried to copy the 13th company lone wolf I did a few months back, pose wise and what he was holding.  But  I went for a more blueish tint to the armour this time but still mixing in some darker greys.

I went for him holding a Nurgle CSM helmet this time, rather than a daemon head which I think worked out quite well.  The axe I tried to look a bit possessed with some OSL in the wolf head eyes.

The cloak I tried stippling and many many glazes to make his cloak look leathery but also like it had the taint of chaos on it, maybe he killed a chaos lord in the warp and kept his cloak?

Anyway here he is, feel free to comment or ask any questions

13th company wolf lord terminator