Lamenters  Space Marine Painting Tutorial

Since starting my Lamenters Space Marine force I have been asked for this tutorial quite a few times.  I promised well over a year ago I would actually get this done.  I have finally got round to it and provided my Lamenters Space Marine painting tutorial in an easy to follow step by step guide.  This tutorial would also work great on the new Primaris Space Marines from the 8th edition boxed set.

The paints you will need for this tutorial
You will need these paints or whatever is similar on the new GW comparison chart (I have bracketed the new colours).  You can purchase most of these newer paints from Wayland Games at a 10% discount compared to buying them direct from GW.

Priming the model
Once you have cleared the flash and mould lines you need to undercoat the model with GW Skull White Spray paint.  This allows for a brighter finish on the yellow and is easier to paint colours like yellow over.

The basecoat
I basecoated the model with 2 layers of watered down GW Tausept Ochre (GW Zamesi Desert)

First layer coat

Once the basecoat is dry then do a 50/50 mix of Iyanden Darksun (GW Averland Sunset)and Golden Yellow (GW Yriel Yellow)and paint the raised areas of the armour.

Shading the armour
For the shading I start of mixing GW Dark flesh (GW Doombull Brown)into the first layer mix and then watering it down and shading recesses and parts of the armour that wouldn’t get as much light, i.e. the bits that should be in the shade 😉

I then used a watered down Dark Flesh to shade even further into the recesses.

First highlight

Its normally good to get the first layer coat and touch up any areas that you have gone a bit crazy with the shading, so I did this first to tidy up my shading.  This is only a quick paint job so I have been a little messy in parts.

Second highlight

Add GW Skull White (GW White Scar)into the first layer coat and highlight the raised areas of the armour only, try successful thinner glazes of this if you want to blend it in well.

Third highlight

Add more GW Skull White so its an off yellow basically and edge highlight all the areas of the armour.  This should really make the miniature pop.

To tie it all together do a very thin glaze of GW Golden Yellow (GW Yriel Yellow) and 90% water and wash over the miniature.  Careful not to let it pool or you will undo all your hard work.


The finished miniature

And here it is in all its glory, painted in roughly 4 hours for this tutorial.  I haven’t gone over the top on detail and just wanted to get him finished to complete the original squad.  If you like this tutorial or want me to do more please comment below and I will see what I can do 🙂