Arena Rex – Vargr

Another Arena Rex miniature from Red Republic finished already and I painted him that quick I’m afraid I didn’t get many work in progress shots.  I painted him from reference material of the black foot Indian tribe as he is supposed to be an American Indian by the look of it.

Heres the original artwork from their Kickstarter

Vargr – Complete

Here is my version of him

Painting Tutorial

The flesh
I went for a different recipe this time and used an airbrush to try and speed things up a little.  I started with a base of 50/50 GW Khorne Red and Tallarn Flesh.  I then sprayed pure tallarn flesh from the top down.  I then mixed a 50/50 mix of GW Tallarn Flesh and Bleached Bone and sprayed from the top down.  Finally I sprayed Reikland Flesh wash lightly upwards to saturate the flesh.

I then touched up the 50/50 Tallarn flesh and bleached bone mix and tidied up the highlights.  I then did a watered down highlight on the muscles of pure GW Bleached bone, going as high to add a little GW Skull White.

I then did a thin glaze of GW Reikland Flesh all over the skin.  For the shadows I used thin glazes of Liche Purple and Reikland flesh to really bring out the muscle definition.

The Face
The face was done with the exact same recipe as above but for the Blackfoot face paint I started with thin glazes of GW Reikland flesh, adding more and more Agrax Earthshade into the mix until I was painting a pure mix of GW Agrax Earthshade.  I then added a small amount of GW Nuln oil into the mix until I was happy it looked like war-paint.

The cloth
The cloth was a 50/50 mix of GW Khorne Red and GW Dark Flesh and shaded with a watered down mix of that with GW Chaos Black.  It was highlighted by adding GW Bleached Bone to the original base coat mix. When I was happy with it I glazed over a light wash of GW Dark flesh to tie it all together.

Hope you like Vargr, I really enjoyed this one and happier with the flesh on him that with Hermes.  I’m currently working on Aquila now.