Arena Rex Hermes

Finished miniature with painting guide

Well I have finally finished my first Arena Rex miniature by Red Republic Games, and as I first said in my review the quality of the resin is excellent.  I only had to scrape off a couple of mould lines and wash it in warm soapy water.

I went for a relatively simple colour scheme and followed some previous gladiator work I found on miniature box art’s.

The bronze
The bronze I have described before and used a similar method on my minotaur’s space marine painting guide and in the previous WIP for this miniature so I wont cover that again.

The gold
The gold was the belt buckle and chest medal, this was a 50/50 mix of GW scorched brown and GW shining gold, followed by a thin layer of GW shining gold.  I then added increasing amounts of GW mithril silver and added highlights to make it look a bit more metallic/flashy.  With a tiny amount of 100% mithril silver I added the final highlight and then added some thin glazes of GW Liche purple and GW Hawk Turquise/Chaos Black.

The flesh

The skin tones was relively simple affair with an initial basecoat of GW tallarn flesh, the deeper recesses of the body were then shaded with a watered down mix of 90% tallarn flash to 10% GW scorched brown, I then upped the percent to increase scorched brown by 20, 30 up to 50% mixed.  I then did a final shade of 50/50 scorched brown and GW chaos black.

I then tidied it up with the basecoat where some of the shading had spilled over, and then took the basecoat and added ever increasing amounts of GW bleached bone until I reach a 50/50 split then added a touch of white.

I then glazed over with some really watered down thin washes of red core and liche purple to try and tie it up.

The clothing

To be fair I actually forgot to write down the recipe, but will try to create both the blue cloth and green cloth on my next gladiator if appropriate.

The sand

The sand was a basecoat of desert yellow, with a highlight of GW desert yellow/GW bleached bone.  That was then washed with a watered down mix of gryphon sepia/baal red and thraka green.  This was then finished with a bleached bone highlight.

And that’s it, I have just finished another and will get him posted ASAP