Arena Rex – Hermes WIP

Started on the first miniature that caught my eye and one where I thought I could practice my metals and a bit of skin work before some of the more fleshy models.  Done the main bits of skin first and just adding the finishing touches to his helmet.  Next I will work down starting with the fur then the bandaging.  Not sure whether to do different metal types on him as the reference picture for gladiators vary as you will see below.
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We will see anyway.  For now my latest progress is below.

Bronze was painted following these simple steps

Dwarf Bronze Base
Devlun Mud wash x2
Highlight with dwarf bronze
Highlight adding increasing amounts of GW Chainmail to the mix
Highlight with pure Chainmail
Glaze with liche purple + water
Glaze areas with RMS Marine Teal & Chaos Black 3/1 + water