Arena Rex  Kickstarter Unboxed

Around 2 years ago in early Spring of 2013 and interesting Kickstarter caught my eye by Red Republic games.  It was a new type of game I had never seen and the concept miniatures looked fantastic.  The miniatures had been drawn  sculpted by some really talented artists including Sebastian Archer, Yefim Kligerman, Yasmine Putri, MIKH, Valentin Zak, Benoit Cauchies, Amber Blade Jones, and Owen Matthew Aurelio.

What came in the box:

So for my second unboxing on Tartan Paint heres what I opted for:
Aquila, Frigge (Viking) Hermes, Lupa a Kickstarter exclsuive, Septimus & Nero (really excited about painting this one), Ur-Kek, Vargr, Favour Dice, Rule book and artwork cards.
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The game

As promised Arena Rex is surprisingly simple to pick up and play and after the Kickstarter game’s mechanics have been playtested quite a bit over the past 2 years since they launched the kickstarter and I have played a few test games before receiving the pledge last week and its relaly simple and fast to play.  Just what you need when you have little time between work and social life.  The rules them selves are fair and polished.

The quality of the rules booklet is very good, with well laid out text and lovely artwork.  The cards themselves are sturdy and again really well done and laid out.

Rulebook_Small Sample

Miniature Quality

The resin in these is free from bubbles and of good quality.  The detail in the sculpts is amazing and so far I have found no defects.  The parts fit together almost perfectly and may only need a small bit of greenstuff here and there on the joins.  There are hardly any flash lines to speak off and what there was I could easily scrape off with a sharp hobby knife.

I have popped a few videos of the resin videos below as I have thumbnails up above of the packets of miniatures.  I have started on one already and will post a Work in Progress in the next few days.

My overall review of this game is that although it took 2 years to arrive it was well worth the wait, they kept me informed every step of the way with updates and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from them again.  The game plays well, its fast paced with barely anyone surving at the end of it.  The miniatures are of excellent quality and the rules are easy to pick up and learn.  If my wife can play anyone can!

You can buy the rules and a few of the miniatures at the official Arena Rex site

Rules 5/5
Miniature Quality 5/5
Expandability 5/5
Cost 5/5
Overall 5/5


Updates: Here is Hermes WIP