13th Company Wolf Lord & Thunderwolves

So as promised I have started a new Work in Progress and its a terminator armoured 13th Company Wolf Lord.  tried to keep it simple and mainly had a torso swap with the Chaos Lord plastic kit, arm swap and an old CSM head.  I have also added a modified orc shield to his back and used a Chaos marauder head.

Im going to try painting him with a 50/50 mix of space wolves grey and shadow grey from GW with a hint of P3 Greatcoat Grey. Shadows and highlights I haven’t started yet.
13th Company Wolf lord

I have also started as mentioned on some thunderwolves and thought I would tie it to my small 13th company force.  Easy enough to do I have added CSM backpacks a few shoulder pads and a head swap from a Chaos Marauder.  I haven’t gone too crazy as they are a test set.  If I like the look I will customise the next lot.




A quick update on the wold lord WIP, I have started at the bottom and working up.  Trying to incorporate some armour he would have scavenged in the warp from fallen enemies of Khorne and the Black Legion.


More to come soon