Space Wolves Murderfang Dreadnought

Well I have been a little quiet recently with more commissions but have taken up the brush on my own stuff and back to the Space Wolves.  I love all things Space Wolves and have decided to try and get a 13th company together to support my existing Space Wolves.

it also keeps me interested in painting wolves 🙂

So what have I done so far?  I have decided to paint up my Murderfang in standard space wolves colours but also add some 13th company iconography into the mix so it can cross over to my slowly forming 13th company (I have done 1 lone wolf so far)

Anyway here in all his glory is my latest creation – Murderfang

Some of the iconography I nabbed from Adrian Bays 13th company Space Wolves that won GD many years ago as I love his work.

You can vote for him here on CMON

Space Wolves Murderfang