Murderfang Work in Progress

Its time to get back to some space wolves painting and what better than the Murderfang!  This is one of the best dreadnought kits they have produced in a while and so many customisation options to use with bog standard kits.  Im impressed with Games Workshop and this kit.

So for my murderfang what decide to do?  Well I didnt like the screaming face they used and couldnt find a decent replacement so have gone for the wolf skull head and kept everything else bog standard.  I may add a wold tail somewhere before I finish I may not.

I have gone with the standard reipe of Space Wolves grey, Kommando Khaki and Shadow Grey, with increasing amounts of space wolves grey to highlight followed by almost pure white for line highlights.  For shading I have gone with shadow grey, scorched brown mix with an additional touch of P3 Greycoat grey to darken the shadows.

The red strips are basially red core with added black for shadows and blood red for highlights, I havent gone too high or too low on these.

The metal work is boltgun metal mised with a touch of black for the base and highlighted by adding chainmail, to line highlights of mithril silver.  Then went back over and shaded withP£ black and brown inks, and highlighted again where needed.

The base I wanted to do a craggy outcrop so basically got some jagged natural cork and started building them up in layers, with pva and sand mixed in places.  I added some Secret Weapon Sack of Skulls I sourced from Wayland Games and some Army Painter grass tufts from Wayland Games some time ago.

Lot more work to do, and becuase I always seem to rush my bases as an afterthrought I started on the base first and will work my way up.  Its worked out really well bar a few splodges of paint falling on the rocks which I will rectify at the end.

Below you will find my current stage, and the original pcture before undercoating.

IMG_20150309_215529 IMG_20150314_081042 20150321_091911