Lamenters Terminators WIP

Well its been a while since my last post, for my Lamenters army I have finished a squad of 10 death company marines , a venerable dreadnought, 2 librarians, 1 stormtalon gunship , the GD captain in Lamenters colours and now these…

I spent a few days stripping them clean of their blood angels colours as I wasn’t really that happy with how they had turned out when I painted them for space hulk.  I thought I can still use them for space hulk if I ever decide to paint the Genestealers.

Went with my usual colour scheme for my Lamenters:

1. Basecoat of Tauscept Ochre
2. Layered on golden yellow and Iyaden Darksun
3. Washed the recesses with watered down dark flesh,
4. Re layered step 2.
5. Highlighted the edges with skull white + step 2 mix
5. Glazed with very watered down golden yellow.

More picture to come soon.