Lamenters Sternguard Squad

My first set of veterans for my Lamenters army

Well it took about a week but I have finally finished off my veteran Sternguard squad for my Lamenters army.  It joins my recently finished tactical squad featured last month but this time I have opted for the paintbrush rather than the spray gun.

The yellow recipe is quite straightforward, taken from the ‘Eavy Metal Masterclass book where they paint the Bad Moon Orc Warboss on page 14.  I added a few minor adjustments to the recipe and painted to to a high tabletop standard, the faces I used the GW painting faces masterclass to get right and done all three of the faces in a couple of hours.

The bases are very simple, just some sand with desert yellow and some washes and then drybrushed with a desert yellow and bleached bone.

The veteran with the heavy bolter has been magnestised so he also carry a heavy flamer which I have also painted up.

I have included a few photos and one main collage.