Lamenters Captain

Captain Zael of 1st company Lamenters


Well the Captain of my Lamenters Army and I have decided as the 1st company captain in all his glory is Captain Zael ( This is about all the fluff I have on him so far)

He is based on a conversion by Darren Latham where he converted a Crimson Fist Captain by removing the grav gun and replacing it with a power fist.  He also replaced the sword with a bolter so I went for a storm bolter.

The paintjob took about 4 weeks in total as really wanted to test my skills with yellow.  I followed the Orc Warboss tutorial from the ‘Eavy Metal Masterclass book with a few additions to the recipe.  Overall I really like this miniature and recognise where I went wrong (mainly the scultping)  But it isnt for any competition, although I may paint another for Games day next year 😉

Anyway less chat more pictures…..

Please feel free to drop me any comments below the pictures and I will respond as soon as I can 🙂