Lamenters Captain Work in Progress


Well my army of Lamenters will need a captain so after seeing Darren Latham’s awe inspiring conversion of the new plastic SM Captain kit I decided to give it a shot myself.  Happy with the current stage apart from I didn’t sculpt the tassels all that well but I’m not changing it now.


Another update:  he is coming along well with only the back banner left to finish.  I have some more WIP shots I thought I would post up.  I haven’t decided on a banner or totem yet and currently painting two more options

I have also been asked a lot about the yellow and its from the Eavy Metal Masterclass book with a few extras added on:

step 1. Base is Tauscept Ocre
step 2 Followed by a layer of Iyanden Darksun and Golden Yellow
step 3. Shades with thinned down dark flash
step 4. Then step 2 I added skull;l white for the highlights all the way up to almost pure skull white
step 5. I then glazed a wash of golden sun yellow a couple of times where needed.

Option A:


Option B


Option C





Just working on the bolt gun, need to add some wording to the scrolls and then work on the face and a back banner.
Still a long way to go yet…

Lamenters Captain Conversion WIP Lamenters Captain Conversion WIP