Boris Eberhart – Dog of War


This was my main work for Games Day that sadly didn’t win me a medal on this occasion but has proved very useful in identifying where I went wrong and what to improve on. Funnily enough I knew it wouldn’t win a medal when I had finished Legolas but I wasn’t prepared to change it and risk messing everything up.


The miniature itself was from the Nuln Ironside Command group.  I removed the pistol her was carry and his head and placed an old warriors of chaos head in its place.  The sword arm in hindsight could of been done better including the arm itself and the sword placement.

The face I found after speaking to Eavy metal was a little dark for GW standard, and again looking at some of their face guides its something to change and improve on.

The pose worked well as he was originally standing on a wooden box so I removed that and added in a giant head I had going spare.

The blood work was from various Miniature Mentor and Massive Voodoo tutorials.  There was more blood dripping from the sword but the miniature came loose in transit and it snapped off.

Overall I like the miniature and had fun painting him but its just made me work harder for next year and play with the contrast, shadows and highlights more.

Anyway here are some pictures.