The Lamenters

 Lamenters Tactical Squad


Well after buying a tactical squad to work on for Games Day 2013 I decided to start collecting a new army.  I didn’t get round to starting to even paint them before GDUK2013 came around so they sat on the back burner, painting them when I had a spare 10 minutes.

Why choose the Lamenters Chapter?  Well I had a few ideas including Howling Griffons and making my own chapter but after searching out the Eavy Metal paint guide I found the yellow was easy to spray on and got inspiration from Jonathan Ho and his amazing Lamenters army.

I thought a lot on how the logo would be hard or easy and it turned out with a little patients it was quite easy to do.  I have learn t from it and will try to improve and work on the Sternguard a little more.

The base didn’t turn out exactly how I liked as was going for a muddy base with pigments following on from a lovely Lamenter Space Marine by Max from Stockholm painters.  The miniature that inspired me is this one here.

The miniatures below are by no means my highest paint job and were painted to a high tabletop standard, I rushed in places, where as it they were for a competition I would of spend months on these they were finished in around a week.

Lamenters Chapter Tactical Squad



If you want any paint guides please just drop me a comment.