Golden Demon 2013 UK – Roundup



Well what a great day out at the NIA, they have finally let the Golden Demon and Armies on Parade guys enter at a separate section and it has its own area which is much better for us painters.

The whole arena was upstairs and it had its normal selection of Forgeworld showcases, of which I found the Word Bearers Primarch and found a photo of Horus in the seminar as the 5th Primarch.  I have popped a small album of photos up for this year and please link back or credit this website if you intend to feature any image on your website.

The sales stand didn’t go as well as they would have hoped but that may of just been a technical issue, once into the sales area I didn’t buy much but what I did was done with ease.  The Horus posters looked great and they had a selection of old metal models you could buy from GW Direct which I thought was good.

There was a whole host of authors available for signings this year but I never brought any books so missed that.  I also missed the seminars as couldn’t be bothered waiting in the Forgeworld Q for free tickets.

They did show a few new gaming concepts from their licensing partners including a platform shooter for android and iOS which looked promising.  Didn’t see much of the new W40K RPG but should be too long until we see more on that.

Anyway here is a breakdown of some (and I say some) of the GDUK winners and some are not in any particular order, the slayer sword was won by David Soper a veteran of GW painting who has recently returned to the mini painting scene and his works were amazing!  he wont Gold with his Diorama and I think he took Gold with his W40k single (although I may be wrong on the w40k single part)

Please note not all photos are here for all categories but I will fill them in when known.  If you use any of my images you MUST credit Tartan Paint Studios with a link back to us.


Warhammer Fantasy Single

Warhammer Fantasy Regiment

Warhammer Monster

Warhammer 40k Vehicle

Warhammer 40k Monster

Open Competition

Lord of the Rings Single


Warhammer 40k Single


A brief selection of GW and Forgeworld pictures

Some of the armies on Parade

Random Pictures from Golden Demon