Asterion Moloc – Minotaurs Chapter Master


Finally I have finished Asterion Moloc – Minotaurs Chapter Master.  He was being painted for Games Day but I messed up the base and don’t want to change it now. He will eventually go on eBay.

Any questions please just ask or comment below and I will try to answer them.  I have done a few brief painting guides in the WIP posts.

The base includes an old Necron lord which I cut up and placed into the base.  Hence the extended base that got quite large.

As a brief update I have some new photos and have included the painted Ivanus Enkomi.  These will both be put on eBay very shortly for sale when I have matched Ivanus Enkomi’s base to Molocs.


These are the older pictures I took with a blue background – cant figure out which works better?



Asterion Moloc