The road to Golden Demon 2013


Well so much for taking a break this year to put a solid 2 years of work into some entries.  That failed.  I ended up persuading myself to go and didn’t have any entries so I’m having to use old WIP from last year and finish up on a few old projects with the hope of winning a medal.

So far I have 2 entries pretty much complete, Asterion Morloc and a Nurgle Cavalry entry.

My plan to enter a squad failed as I picked Necrons which I didn’t realise were some of the most fiddly miniatures to work with so that got shelved and they are on eBay part painted.

Well might as well show some sneaky WIP shots.  I dont expect a trophy at all but aiming really hard to get a medal which Im hoping my rotbeast or empire guy can secure.  Morloc is a lost cause but entering him anyway for the fun of it.