Zombicide Set #1

Well I got a pleasant surprise today when UPS delivered the 2nd part of my Zombicide Kickstarter that I backed late last year.  To Be honest I had forgot all about it and didn’t even read the email from Coolminiornot saying it was coming.

I’m glad they used Battlefoam in the UK though as wasnt impressed by the import duty I got clobbered with when I received the original set.

The set includes Zomb’Ivor Dave, Zomb’Ivor El Cholo, Zomb’Ivor Nick, Eagle Chaz (Chuck Norris) in Zombi’Ivor and Survivor as well as Troy The Traveller and The Cardboard Tube Samurai in both versions.

The artwork looks amazing and really well packaged considering these were extras/rewards.  They all come with cards to use the versions and I will be painting them up after my current commission is finished I think.

Anyway here are two pictures

zombicide set 1
zombicide set 1 a