The Barbarian Dude

After ordering the limited edition resin figure from Raining Frogs Garage (Probably one of the most uniquely named miniature blogs I have come across) The Barbarian Dude has finally arrived.  I managed to snaffle the 278th cast out of 350 (2nd run) and the figure is absolutely spot on.  With only a few mould lines which should be easy enough to clear and one very small hole in the loin cloth I cant wait to paint him up.

Sculpted by Emanuele G its a very faithful reproduction of the original artwork by Simon Bisley and sits around 32mm tall so well within my comfort zone for painting.

I’m going to clean him up this week and then plan a paint scheme for him.  Probably paint him as realistic as possible but there are a few versions appearing that have really appealed to me.

Anyway here is my picture of the Barbarian Dude and the original finished shots direct from Raining Frogs Garage……