Asterion Moloc – Minotaurs Chapter Master WIP


The Work in progress still continues well with the Minotaurs chapter master Asterion Moloc.  I have finished the front of the shield now and I’m quite happy with the way it turned out.  I have tried to split the colours of the shield with white as suggested by one of my blog followers and his advice paid off.  I also tried to do some sort of flame style power weapon with various colours if reds, oranges and yellows up to white.  I can do a tutorial if anyone would like me to?

I have a little work to do on his boot as had to remove the grips as they were pretty badly sculpted and replaced it with a slightly better sculpted sole.

I still have to work on his cloak and I’m aiming to do a similar but smaller pattern like the inside of his shield in creams and browns.  I haven’t decided on what will be on the back of his red cloak yet but keep searching the internet for inspiration.

For the base I’m looking for him to be standing on a Necron warrior that he has just speared with his weapon so I’m keeping an eye on eBay for the right (cheap) part. As always I welcome comments…..