Asterion Moloc Work in Progress

asterion-moloc-wip2I’m still working away on the minotaurs chapter master Asterion Moloc and I have almost finished the front of the shield. I still have the wreath and middle gem in between it to paint and some highlights on the black horns. Some of the gold work will need touching up after I filled it with a white stone like colour (or that’s what I was aiming for) Thanks to RussDe for suggesting I break up the contrasts on thew shield as before there was just too much bronze. Aiming to do a lot of gem work on the miniature as he is the chapter master and for once I’m not rushing this miniature.

Still haven’t worked on the back of the shield yet but going to attempt some sort of freehand to jazz it up a bit, although it may go wrong and just get painted black.

Here are the most recent pictures from Asterion himself and his shield.




Still not sure about the spear white stone but going to work on this a bit more and may change to marble or something…

Comments and crits always welcome