The March Workbench

march2013workbenchWell its time for another painting update and working on a few projects if my own whilst I await some commission work being posted in from a regular client of mine.  I’m working on Asterion Moloc.  Asterion is the paranoid chapter master of the Minotaurs and earlier this year I painted Ivanus Enkomi so thought I better finish up the pair.

I have decided if I will paint anymore minotaurs yet but I do have Scibor spartan shields and the grey knight kit ready and waiting to customise some regular terminators if I do.  Got a lot more single miniatures to paint before working on any squads even if they are just 5 man terminator squads but we will see.  I also feel the Space wolves bug coming back as Black Library are releasing some more books…

Also on my little Instagram photo you will see I’m still painting my sedition wars box set from Studio McVey.  I took a little break to prevent me rushing and becoming bored.  I’m also still working on the Empire bounty hunter featured in a post last week.  I have finished sculpting the giants severed head and just making sure the miniature is nice and tidy before undercoating this time.