Sedition Wars – Battle for Alabaster Painting Diary


After a few requests I thought I would share the WIP of my Battle for Alabaster project.  I have got halfway through the strain models and having great fun experimenting on them since they will only be tabletop I haven’t gone too made on detail etc.  So far I have finished the Exo-form Stalkers which I have done a tutorial on if you want to follow it.


Last week I finished the Exo-form Quasimodo’s using a similar paint recipe.
sedition wars quasimodo

Today I am just putting the finishing touches to the Necro-form Revenant group which I have painted using GW inks in various shades.  I uses washes of blues, greens, reds and purples in various consistencies to cover the models from a white undercoat and just played around the colours as each stage dried.  The blood was a mix of red gore and dark flesh with a futher red wash and then gloss varnish.  The orange trousers are the same recipe as the Stalkers tutorial.  The blue trousers are P3 Trollblood base with a wash of GW Drakenof Nightshade.


I will carry on this little diary of my tabletop paint job on Sedition Wars Battle for Alabaster when I have started on the next part of the strain.