Exo-form Stalker Painting Tutorial

Painting tutorial for the Sedition Wars Strain Model.

Step 1

Before you start undercoating make sure you use a sharp craft knife to clean off as much of the flash details and mould lines as possible.  I used a small file to try and get smooth results.  I superglued the model to one of the bases and undercoated with Skull White spray from Games Workshop.


Step 2

Next I mixed up GW Cadian Fleshtone 70% and Emperors Children 30% and added 30% water to make it a nice watery mix.  I then painted the whole miniature with one coat and waited it to dry and then followed it by one more coat.  You want to make sure the white undercoat still shows through slightly.


Step 3

I then washed over the whole miniature with a watered down GW Carroburg Crimson – I went for a 50/50 mix as didn’t want to colour the base coat too much.  The wash was mainly to define the muscles and other weird bits.  After the wash was dry I painted the guts and exposed muscles with GW Wazdakka Red and washed with pure GW Carroburg Crimson.


Step 4

Use the base mix to then create a highlight mix by adding GW Pallid Wych Flesh and highlight the main areas at the tops of arms.  I then filled in the metal areas of the miniature with GW Ironbreaker metallic paint. You could also use GW Chainmail.


Step 5

OK so the metals have dried and now its time to shade them.  I used GW Nuln oil or GW Badab Black to shade all the metal work, careful not to stray onto the flesh you have already painted.  I then re-highlighed the metallics with chainmail and a extreme highlight of GW Mithril Silver.

exo-form-stalker-metals-shaded exo-form-stalker-metals-shaded-back

Step 6

Next I started to add more colour to the miniature around where the metal meets the flesh.  I used P3 Sanguinne base and GW Regal Blue in various forms to create dark reds and purples and glazed over the metal/skin areas. I deepened the existing muscle and gaps where I thought the needed it.  because its just tabletop standard I didn’t go too mad or keep to amazing details but just try to make it look sickly and diseased.  I painted the trousers with a 50/50 Mix of GW Graveyard Earth and GW Desert Yellow with a hint of bleached bone.


Step 7

I darked the trouser recesses with GW Devlun Mud and highlighted with the base mix with additional GW Skull white.  I painted the stitches with GW Desert Yellow and then washed with GW Reikland Fleshshade.  I painted the green eyes with a base of GW Caliban Green and then Highlighted up to GW Scorpion Green.  The teeth were GW Dheneb Stone with a GW Devlun Mud wash.

exo-form-stalker-details exo-form-stalker-details-back

Step 8

The final step is to paint the base with GW Boltgun Metal.  Wash with GW Nuln Oil or Badab Black.  Then another wash of GW Devlun Mud.  I then used Secret Weapon pigments of Rust Brown & Rust Orange mixed with 80% water and washed over the base.  A little highlight of drybrushed chainmail to finish it off.

exo-form-stalker-finished-front exo-form-stalker-finished-back

And a group shot of the Sedition Wars exo-form stalkers 🙂

Sedition Wars exo-form stalker group shot