Nurgle Plaguebearer 75% done

Well had a good and busy Christmas with little painting to be had so glad to get back on the commission work and really having fun working on the Nurgle Plaguebearer.

The maggots were fun to do, an initial mix of Vallejo Ivory and 10% Vallejo Pale Flesh, washed over with Watered down Reikland Fleshshade or Gryphonne Sepia.  Then reapply the base and then add a touch of white then a watered down wash of the shade as a glaze.  You can deepen the maggot recesses with the same colours.

Not started working on the metal or loincloth yet and these are next on my list.  was thinking of a nice cream loincloth so I can dirty it with blood and green slime.  I’m also going to do some stringy gore effects on the guts he is holding near the end.

Found a base big enough as well, the Oval GW base and its on its way for a nice scenic base.

Pictures below
Nurgle Plaguebearer front
Nurgle Plaguebearer WIP Back