Well its been a while since I have done any commissions as been busy with other things.  Been working on a few Space Wolves old classic metal miniatures including Ulrik, iron priest and 3 other wolf guard.

I will get photos of these up in the next couple of days.

The main demon has been undercoated and already had the first base coat of camo green from GW classic paint range applied. nurgle-demon-wipnurgle-wip-terminators

A basecoat of camo green has gone on.  shading has begun with a mix of camo green and red gore.  then in the deeper recesses its red gore and liche purple.

CameraZOOM-20121223193052673-1 CameraZOOM-20121223094212475-1

No other updates yet but I have had a few people asking where I got this miniature from.  I didn’t buy it directly as its a commission but you can buy it from Maxminis for around $66 and its called the Greater Plaguebringer – click to view

Done some work on the highlights and shadows but have plenty more to do.  Added in the red to the guts to see what they would look like.
Nurgle Plaguebringer WIP