Pictures from Telford IPMS 2012

Well I managed to get to Telford IPMS this year and as a member I got to enter the competition also and boy was it tough.  Only entered the sci-fi and historical under 60mm miniatures and didn’t get anywhere this year.  Didn’t really expect to get anywhere to be honest and its good to see the competition.

Managed to pick up a few bits n bobs for modelling and finally found UHU glue for stringy gore lol. No miniatures this year as got a massive backlog to paint.

Here are some pictures from the day, mainly of the competition which appear on the blue cloth and some of the more interesting stalls of IPMS clubs.  I’m afraid I haven’t edited them or cropped them and have been uploaded as is.  I don’t know the winners as I collected my entries and had to leave.  Well done to all the winners though as seen some amazing entries.