Death Guard Contemptor Dreadnought WIP


Here’s a shot of my latest work in progress I’m just painting for fun and to test rust streaks.  Its a Death Guard Contemptor Dreadnought modelled after the marine (Garro I think) on the cover  on the Flight of the Eisenstein novel.

I used a few Death Guard transfers to do the XIV etc.  The skeleton on his shin I could only fit one and the shoulders have been painted green rather than grey.  Its not an exact copy since its a contemptor but I quite like him  I opted to keep with the grey from the novel cover rather than the off white that Forgeworld are doing.

I still haven’t decided on the base cover yet but hope to get it done over the next week or so.

Death Guard Contemptor Dreadnought WIP


The base
Started working on the base and followed a tutorial on Oz Painters forum which is well worth a look for inspiration with many Golden Demon winners frequenting the forum.  Anyway the base was quite easy to do with a layer of plasticard put down and sanded.  The metal areas are cut offs from etched brass sheets.

The base colour was GW Nurgling Green mixed with a littleP3 Arcane Blue with a highlight of the base + RMS Golden Blonde added in.  It was then washed over with some W&N oils and then some Secret Weapon pigments of rust brown and rust orange were mixed with water and washed over, left to dry then rubbed off by hand.

A few more WIP shots.  He hasn’t been glued to the base yet and a little bit more weathering to be done.


Hes been completed but still no finished studio shots….