Death Guard Contemptor Dreadnought WIP


Here’s a shot of my latest work in progress I’m just painting for fun and to test rust streaks.  Its a Death Guard Contemptor Dreadnought modelled after the marine (Garro I think) on the cover  on the Flight of the Eisenstein novel.

I used a few Death Guard transfers to do the XIV etc.  The skeleton on his shin I could only fit one and the shoulders have been painted green rather than grey.  Its not an exact copy since its a contemptor but I quite like him  I opted to keep with the grey from the novel cover rather than the off white that Forgeworld are doing.

I still haven’t decided on the base cover yet but hope to get it done over the next week or so.


The base
Started working on the base and followed a tutorial on Oz Painters forum which is well worth a look for inspiration with many Golden Demon winners frequenting the forum.  Anyway the base was quite easy to do with a layer of plasticard put down and sanded.  The metal areas are cut offs from etched brass sheets.

The base colour was GW Nurgling Green mixed with a littleP3 Arcane Blue with a highlight of the base + RMS Golden Blonde added in.  It was then washed over with some W&N oils and then some Secret Weapon pigments of rust brown and rust orange were mixed with water and washed over, left to dry then rubbed off by hand.

A few more WIP shots.  He hasn’t been glued to the base yet and a little bit more weathering to be done.


Hes been completed but still no finished studio shots….